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  • By achieving the continuous development in medical imaging applications, keeping and maintaining the national leading role.
  • Being the best solution partner for the public and private sector representatives we cooperate and being selected by them.
  • Within the sector, being the initial operators of the new technology and solutions as it was until today.
  • Through a healthy development and an organization structure opened to improvement, being an enterprise where the employees choose to make their career plans and where the qualified staff wishes to work at.
  • Contributing to the development of our sector and the professional labor force.


  • Burtom Health Group, Offers fast, quality service in accordance with the requirements of time and with the medical ethics to all patients within the region in medical imaging which is one of the most important branch of the health industry.
  • Follows up the developments related to the industry and utilizes the advanced technology at alltimes.
  • Constantly develops, increases in number and educates its expert staff.
  • Is aware of the entire responsibilities of the industry and undertakes those responsibilities.


Fundamental Principals and Commitments of

Burtom Health Group

  • We are aware that the customer/patient satisfaction is the utmost target of the company.
  • Determining the expectations of the customers/patientsfrom our services correctly and challenging to offer them better service is our main objective.
  • We believe in that the customer/patient satisfaction is possible only through the satisfaction of the employees. We all adopt the values of mutual confidence, accuracy and constructive approach.
  • We share the dynamic and innovative approach as ateam. We pay attention to the education and development of our employees.
  • Each of us is aware of one’s target destination. We carry the responsibility of achieving these targets as the whole team within the scope of our management strategies.
  • We ensure the collaboration of the employees and the customers by maintaining an effective and constructive communication environment.
  • We believe in the importance of mutual confidence and responsibility in the continuity of our commercial relations.
  • For a healthy development, we challenge for benefiting from the entire technological channels.
  • We constantly improve our service quality standards by using the most up to date and most developed methods.
  • We develop methods and practices to minimize the chance of faults in all processes.
  • We keep all processes under control for being able to offer the perfect service to the customers/patients.
  • We comply with the requirements of the quality management system and improve its efficiency constantly.